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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Count this place as a great stop for breakfast.

    Could have had the free breakfast at the hotel but decided to try Mammy's instead.  Great  egg's Benedict with hash-browns with onion and cheesey goodness.  This will become a regular spot when I am down there.

    The staff was all friendly and attentive.

    Best regards, Tony

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    My boyfriend and I came here with high hopes, as Mammys has apparently won many awards and is a local favorite. Well now that we have experienced some local restaurants, I get it. There isn't a lot of competition! Anyway, we walked in and were immediately greeted by the bubbly wait staff. The servers are very friendly, southern hospitality and all. However after perusing the menu, I found that they didn't have a single vegetarian item! Not one! So I ordered the "best grilled cheese ever" which of course had bacon on it. I asked for no bacon. My boyfriend ordered the bourbon burger because it's supposed to be fab. We ordered a house salad (again with no bacon) to split. The salad came out covered in bacon. We sent it back and got the salad we ordered, though with the wrong dressing. Whatever, we ate it. It was ok. Then our sandwiches came. My bf spotted the bacon on my grilled cheese first and calmly explained to the server that I was a vegetarian. So he ate his burger which looked disgusting and he said it was like salisbury steak on a bun with mayo (gross). My grilled cheese finally came out, with the same fries as before because they were cold. The waitress offered us a slice of pie on the house for her mistakes, but at that point we were just ready to leave. They really should have comped my meal but didn't. I'm a former server so I hate to give bad reviews. The food was mediocre at best. Skip it if you're a vegetarian!

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    During a stop in Bardstown I chose to eat breakfast here every morning because of the good food and friendly people. It is family owned and good home cooking.

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