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    Spalding's right, Lee's is better than KFC. A little history lesson, founder Lee Cummings, nephew of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders, was instrumental in helping create KFC back in the '50s with his uncle. After KFC was sold in 1962, Cummings developed his own "famous recipe" and opened his own restaurant.

    And here we are now, in Bardstown, at my favorite Lee's. Clean, spacious for a fast food chain, offering the basic fare at a fair price, this Lee's is one of the better ones. The food is nearly always fresh, cooked perfectly, and that's saying something for fast food fried chicken. The service is good, and the price is right. Always a nice spot to stop during lunch hour.

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    True Kentuckians eat Lee's, not KFC. The famous recipe is the best.

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