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    My husband and I decided to take a road trip out to Bardstown to ride My Old Kentucky Dinner train and see the fall leaves. Our food was very good. We had the salads, Hot Brown and Chocolate Choo Choo for Two. The waiters were very professional and nice. We sat across from a couple who were my parents' age but they were very interesting and had lived in a lot of states. We had a nice conversation. Overall, I was pleased.

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    Great food, good drinks, good service.

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    We visited this area in Kentucky for my husband's birthday. I surprised him with bourbon distillery tours along with dinner here. I was excited because I thought it would be just us two at a table eating dinner while viewing the scenery outside. First, we were sitting at a table with two other women who turned out to be very nice...it's just not what I was expecting. Additionally, there was a obnoxious lady sitting directly behind us who made the last half of the experience less than enjoyable. So needless to say, it was nowhere near as intimate as I was expecting. It's fine, just would have been nice to know this in advance because I may have chosen a different place to eat at.

    Second, the scenery was quite disappointing. It mainly consisted of neighborhoods, houses, cars and some distillery buildings. We went through a "forest", but it wasn't anything special.

    Thirdly, it was my husbands birthday as I mentioned earlier. So when I called to make reservations I let them know so there would be a candle/song with his dessert. I called twice before we arrived to confirm they had it written down. At the end, there was no candle or song for my husband. However, two other people that were in our section of the train had a candle and song with their dessert. It's not a huge deal but I felt bad b/c it was his bday also.

    Ok so the food was good, not the best. My husband got the "famous" prime rib. He ordered it to be cooked medium but it was basically cooked well done. I got the shrimp and grits which was better than his dish I thought. Got the cobbler and apple dumpling for dessert. Both were ok.

    I believe it was absolutely overpriced for the quality of the food and lack of service (our waitress was not with it last tonight...she got multiple orders incorrect) Plus, I was mainly excited about the train ride/scenery which failed to impress me. I am usually easy to please, but for what I paid I would have expected more.

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