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    Best brisket sandwich. Melts in your mouth.

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    Stopped in during a trip to Bardstown. Tried some pulled pork....smoked pork doin and brisket. All was awesome....wish we had one close to home. The owners ate a sweet married couple and the do the cooking . Great southern BBQ . Not a fancy place .... was worth the wait...which was only about 20 minutes. Fresh made corn cakes were great too.

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    I was in the area so based on the reviews I stopped in for lunch.  The BBQ is excellent and you would not have known it for the outside.  This restaurant is a small local place that focuses on great BBQ - not restaurant decor.  The food is excellent and the service is as well.  This is a fun place to stop for great BBQ - I recommend the pulled pork.  This is great food at great price. You must try it!

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