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    Sort of hard to find...off the main drag...but we found it. I had a blow out on the Bluegrass Parkway so we had to get off at Bardstown to get the tire replaced at WalMart..3 hrs wait time on a crowded Sunday...
    After we got the tire fixed..I pulled up my Yelp app on my cellphone and did a search for Pizza in the area, and woot woot..it directed me to Rebecca's Pepperoni Grill...we found it with just a few wrong turns..but we are so glad we did.
    There was a few patrons in the establishment eating pizza and watching football..so we grabbed a seat and the waitress came over a immediately and took our drink order..Tony was already drunk...he was that way when I  picked him up but he still ordered a beer...big surprise!! Right..
    I ordered a Pepsi and we ordered a large pepperoni pizza with mushrooms, onions and jalapenos...when it came out ...it was HUGE...we ate a few pieces and then took the rest home..this pizza was  Delicious!!! Delicious!!!
    I would definitely go to this restaurant again if and when I am in the area..I also noticed the people beside us had ordered spaghetti and meatballs and the serving was huge also!!! So I guess everything is big here!!! Our meal was only $35 with drinks, taxes and tip....not bad!!! I would definitely go here again..and I highly recommend to all to eat here.... A definite thumbs up!!

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    Wonderful salads and sandwiches. Pizza is what Rebecca's is most known for, but a variety of choices on menu worth trying!

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    We were staying at the hotel across the street and just wanted a late dinner, so this seemed perfect. We walked in to a lively bar atmosphere with a real neighborhood feel which we liked. It was Thursday night 2 for 1 drafts, wells and wines - always a bonus! So far, so good....
    I ordered a salad which was a nice size; however, it had quite a few brown, old lettuce pieces in it. Never a good thing! Hubby was really in the mood for wings, so he decided to try those. He said they were just okay, I thought they were fatty.  I will have to say that the pizza at the next table looked really good, but neither one of us were really in the mood for that. In hindsight, probably should have gotten it anyway.

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