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    Decent chinese, and a plus as its super close to my house!  Sweet and sour chicken, pork lo mein, chicken w/ mixed veg, fried rice all good.

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    Your standard Chinese take-out cuisine.  

    On very rare occasion, items such as Sweet and Sour Chicken and General Tso's may be a little soggy.  

    Most menu items are delicious, including steamed vegetables, house fried rice, fried scallops, and more.

    They have a few tables and you can enjoy your food there.  Staff is very friendly.

    I have recently moved and miss going to this place.

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    I haven't tried the place that opened up near the community college, but as far as my experiences go, this is the best Chinese takeout in the area.  The food actually looks like food here and not a lab experiment.  They don't really use a lot of artificial coloring - the pork in the fried rice looks like normal meat, and the rice is soy sauce brown.  While not as colorful as the red pork / yellow rice / green frozen veggie combos it definitely tastes better, especially with their addition of bean sprouts.

    But their little touches don't stop there.  I've never seen mushrooms in cashew chicken before, but they have it here, and they use those cute little black-capped straw mushrooms instead of white mushrooms.  Not that the white ones are bad, but if it weren't for those straw mushrooms in my cashew chicken, I wouldn't have started eating mushrooms in the first place, and that would have made both my steaks and my cast iron skillet sad indeed.

    Their sauces are really good by takeout standards - again, they look and taste real, and they add just enough sauce to give everything a nice cover.  The boyfriend says their General Tso's is really tasty and has a little crunch to it.  Their veggies are always perfectly cooked, too!  My only complaint is their wonton soup doesn't totally blow me away, but with all the other great stuff on their menu, it doesn't matter.

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