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    PJ's does a great job of providing good solid bar food, chipper service, nice mixed no-drama crowds and good atmospheres.  For thosue used to PJ's larger new venues in Philly at Wells Fargo Center or the former converted Bennigans (Bethlehem/ West Chester - big hits) - you'll love the same menu in the intimate environment of this old roadhouse/hotel. Outdoor dining in decent weather.  Always lively.  Nestled off busy Route 309, just a minute north of Route 22 (behid Daniels BMW) and 3 minytes form the Tilghman Street PJ's, it's larger sibling.  Only the locals know about the little bro - so it's a bit of a well kept secret for out of towners.

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    The food here is okay, it's just normal casual restaurant/bar food.  The service at PJ's is pretty good, though.  We visited when Hurricane Sandy hit and nobody had electricity. They were one of the only places open, they were jam-packed, but the staff did a great job and had a good spirit about it.

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    Had a chicken cheese steak with inferno sauce... was okay. I enjoyed the sauce and the fries were pretty good. I think next time I'd just get wings. I wish they had a smaller size of wings, though... the lowest order is 10.

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