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    If you want a beer, definitely head for Keystone. Their beer selection is nothing short of amazing. Depending on the time and who your bartenders are, service could leave a lot to be desired. But it's worth it for the 18 tvs at the bar and super reasonably priced beer.

    Looking for food? Run far away. Their menu is small (even by bar standards) and pretty over priced.

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    Excellent draft beer selection and great prices.  16 oz pour of Bells Two-Hearted for $5?   Fantastic.  The food was a bit of a miss though.   Ordered spinach artichoke dip which came out cold...not just not hot, but out of the cooler cold.  They did redo it for us, but it wasn't a good first impression.  Buffalo chicken salad was adequate (excellent blue cheese dressing) but had whole lettuce leaves.  Really?   You serve it in a big deep round bowl and then I have to try to cut the lettuce in that?   Will definitely go back for the draft list and will probably try the burgers.

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    Food was delicious and there are so many drink options available.

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