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    Nice location! Right by college campus. The taco salad I ordered need some improvements! Like add some beans and rice to it. And use slice tomatoes instead of plum tomatoes. However overall it was a nice experience. Great job.

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    Everything I expect in a diner:  well prepared basic dishes, reasonable prices, and friendly service.  I hadn't eaten veal parmegan and spaghetti for many years, so I thought that I'd try it.  Everything about it was wonderful, from the melt-in-my-mouth veal and tasty thick cheese to the simply outstanding rich sauce.

    My wife, who usually can't finish her meals, thoroughly enjoyed her fancy omelet.

    Unfortunately, they weren't featuring clam chowder that day, but I've had it, and it was just about the best chowder I've received in any restaurant.

    Perhaps a gastronome who pauses to evaluate every mouthful and has been to many fine eateries would have a different opinion, but my relatively unspoiled palate found the food scrumptious.

    A bonus:  both the breathtaking Trexler Nature Preserve and its Lehigh Valley Zoo are close by!

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    We've stopped here a few times for a late lunch after visiting the LV Zoo.

    The kids menu is a little on the pricey side but at least there are several options. The regular menu is your typical standard diner fare and while nothing exactly stands out, nothing is horrible either.

    The star of the show is definitely the desserts as they are truly homemade and full of flavor.

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