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    Small bar.  Allows smoking which for me is a negative.  Has a dart board - tip: staff can be cranky about the way you throw the darts.  We had a few 'talking to's'  Positive - we closed the bar and could walk across the street to a diner!

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    Terrible bar. Service is very slow and staff is forgetful. It was busy, but I had to ask 3 different people after 20 minutes if my order was ready. It was only a hotdog, and I ended up waiting almost 30 minutes. That was not the first time I have waited forever for pub grub here a few times before, so it's not just a one time thing.

    The bouncers are very unprofessional as well. After being carded by the bouncer at the door, a second unmarked bouncer who was drinking a beer took the card out of my hands inside the bar and started quizzing me on my ID. I asked him if we was a bouncer, and he would not answer my questions after asking him repeatedly. When I refused to answer his questions he then began to get loud and threaten me. I have never been to a bar when the bouncers have been allowed to drink while on duty. That is very dangerous and unprofessional behavior to say the least. I have been visiting this bar for a couple years now, and needless to say that will be my last time.

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    I have been going there for three years , from the moment I walked in I was made to feel welcome ,The bartenders are nice and the owner is friendly but will not put up with nonsense . they have a large assortment of beer and the drink prices are reasonable , The amount of tvs there make it possible to watch any game on any tv . The food is good and is also resonably priced . I would recommend this place to any one who wants to watch a game or someone who just wants to grab a bite to eat and have a drink. they also have daily beer specials. I'm usually there two sometimes three times a week. Overall it is a great place to have a good time.

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