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    Went 2/7/13... Had an AMAZING night! I felt so cofortable there, no BS, no drama, and NO fight! LOVED the drag show. Cannot wait to go back!

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    I've only been here on Thursday nights (18+ nights), since a lot of my friends are 18-20, so I can't talk about any other nights. However, in my experience, this is a very fun place! Don't come any earlier than 10-11 -- there's no point. People start flooding in after 11 or so. A couple hours before closing time, it gets CRAZY. The dance floor gets packed. You don't want to miss the drag show (I believe it runs at around 12am?).

    - Great DJs
    - The dance floor is lots of fun, especially later at night
    - The drag shows
    - They have lots of special events -- underwear parties, Latin night, etc.
    - The main bar area is upstairs, so it's nice to go up and sit there if you need a break from all the noise

    - It's VERY smoky inside
    - It gets packed late at night and it's difficult to get a drink from the bar because of all the people crowded around
    - The music is too loud, but this is a problem I have with pretty much all clubs
    - Even though this is a "gay club", there always seem to be a TON of straight people there. I realize that this really isn't something that the club can control, and I have no problem with straight people in general, but it gets frustrating getting ogled at if I'm dancing with another girl, or getting giggles and awkward stares from a girl if I ask her to dance and she ends up being straight (as most of them are). If you're going to come here, you shouldn't act all shocked and offended if someone of the same sex wants to dance with you. What do you expect? It's a freaking gay club!

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    The best night for 18-25 (or older) is Thursday nights. I usually go around 10:30 for drinks upstairs, a nice bar/lounge area that is packed by 11. (There is a cover charge for about $7 but you get a drink coupon with it so it pays off.) Drinks are well priced, and test tube shots are delicious and cheap! Then there is usually a drag show a little before midnight, after that everyone gets on the dance floor.  It looked small at first but its always packed (but not too packed). The music is a mix of top hits on the radio and the usual dance music. I had lots of fun with my friends, check it out for sure

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