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    The ribs were delicious. I would order a half rack next time and split it with my lover. The fire roasted corn and cornbread were also yummy. The fries were a little to greasy for my taste. The spicy BBQ sauce by Grumpy's was good. The service was friendly and quick. I enjoyed the whimsical pig decor. I would go back again and get dessert next time as well!

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    I stopped in Grumpy's a few days ago and ordered 2 orders of brisket and one plate of pulled pork.  The brisket wasn't as flavorful as I'd hoped.  It seemed to have a lot of fat still on it instead of having it trimmed one it hit our plates.  The pulled pork is entirely a different matter.

    The pulled pork was beautiful.  super tender, flavorful, and moist.  While I was here I had asked some of the others around me if they enjoyed the spot and if they came often.  A few of them said it was better to help this BBQ spot instead of one of those commercial BBQ joints I've visited before in Allentown.  I always like to help the independent restaurants instead of someone who is corporately-funded.

    The complete let-down from Grumpy's was their baked beans.  They were served hot, but one bite and I knew it was a mix between glue and bean-paste.  They were so overcooked they were breaking down into some type of paste which didn't seem fair to call them baked beans anymore.

    I DO plan to come back since I love BBQ and I want to try their ribs.  If their ribs are anything as good as their pulled pork, I'll be mega happy and I'll mention the visit here to update you!  Great spot?  No...  but it's a BBQ joint.  Live music here and there is a nice touch, but when we're hungry, we want great BBQ!  Looking forward to trying new dishes next visit.


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    Neat place.  It's in an old house, making for a comfy, pub-like feel.  I ordered my standard BBQ-judging meal:  a pulled-pork sandwich and fries.

    Here's my take on the food:
    - Pulled pork was very moist, slightly smoky, but lacked outside-meat in the mix, so the texture was a bit mushy with no crunchy bits.
    - Sammy came on a kaiser bun, which is not typical BBQ fare, but it was fresh and good.
    - Sweet potato fries were excellent.
    - Baked beans - not special at all.  Had one chunk of bacon, but could have been fresh from the can.

    I did not order sweet tea (I only order that in the southeast), and my colleagues who did reported that is was not good.  They reported to me that the chicken and ribs were very good.

    So overall, a neat place with good BBQ, and definitely worth a visit.

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