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    5 Guys is better, although the milkshake was good.

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    I am a big fan of their burgers.  We don't have many fast food places out our way, so their burgers remind me of Wendy's but better.  I had a Five Guys once and I like Jake's better and they are cheaper than Five Guys.  You can get the Junior burgers (which comes with one patty on it) or get the Jakes burger (which has two patties on one sandwich), or if you are daring get the big Jakes (which has three patties on one).  My husband and I are satisfied with the Juniors because we also get their homemade potato chips!  SO GOOD!!!  You can also get BBQ seasoning on them.  Highly recommend stopping in for a burger to try it at least once.  You got to love the retro feel of the place too.

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    As others have mentioned, this is a good alternative to Five Guys.  However, they do have milkshakes here, something 5G lacks.

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