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    This is the pub in the Holiday Inn.  I went in here on a Friday evening.  The DJ played my kind of music (classic rock).  It was an excellent mix.  How often does that happen?

    The bartenders were nothing special.  I waited some time for my first drink.   It appeared there was a lot on tap.  I kept it simple with a local.

    Nothing special, but the atmosphere was fine and relaxing enough.

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    ...not impressed. Enough said. As a loyal fan of the Samuel Adams product, I feel their marketing department would be ashamed to have their brand associated with this eatery.  Of the 9-12 (i didnt count) beers on tap, 3 were Sam Adams. Regular. Summer. Cherry Wheat. You can get those drafts at a Texas Roadhouse or Applebee's. Roll in a keg or 6 of the not-so-everyday! The food, just bar food....nothing to write home about. Cheesesteaks, burgers, wings, fried appetizers, etc. Better fare across the street at the Starlight Diner. Jim Koch, call me!

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    Wow. Disappointing! First off dont ever expect much character out of a hotel lobby bar and this was par for the course. The food was...myeh! Yes. Myeh! We had a Groupon and ended up paying $20 (including tip) for $45 bill. I am not certain the food was worth the $20 much less the $45.

    Needless to say, we will not be venturing back to the "brew pub." yeah right, brew pub. How about some specialty SAM ADAMS brews on tap???

    Anyway, if you have a Groupon or <a href="/redir?url=http%3A%2F%2Frestaurant.com&s=c5fe485af4df376130bee54f875814d79c4d7913e1258123b1206d2bdbf4873b" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://restaurant.com</a> certificate, give it a shot. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

    Atmosphere: NONE

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