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    Wife and I went there for our anniversary Monday 4/15/13 which is also Patron Margarita special day (the reason we went).  Gail, the bartender pulled 2 bottles out of the fridge.  Poured tequila into my glass and put the remaining tequila in the bottle (about an eyedropper full) into my wifes.  She then poured Patron Citronge in both glasses almost to the top and topped it off with triple sec.  In case you don't know, Citronge is basically triple sec.  My wife tasted hers and said she couldn't taste any tequila and tasted mine and could.  We discussed and I ordered another, which Gail made with only citronge and triple sec.  It was an orange drink.  We asked if there was tequila in the drink and Gail pointed to the citronge bottle and said it's a Patron margarita.  What a clueless and inept bartender.  We laid out the money, left full drinks and walked out.  I will never again set foot in this establishment.

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    Solid place for low key drinks with friends, also a great place for Post Golf lunch with the guys.  Without question, the shining star of this establishment are the Buffalo Wings.  Several different styles...Honey BBQ are my favorite...today...becuase I keep trying all the others!  Pricing is fair, wait staff are relaxed and attentive.  The shuffleboard table is level and the right length, don't forget about darts and pool.

    Honestly, all the other bar food I've had at Krocks is nothing more than average...burgers, quesadilla, sandwiches, etc.  We'll certainly be back.  Great place to go with a group of friends.

    My buddy Ballistic loves the Bologna sandwich with BBQ sauce...it's called something like the Bingo Boingo Bango Sandwich.  He raves and I cringe.

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    I'm not sure about this place - I'll have to check it out again in the summer.  I went here in mid-March, and it was pretty slow.  You could almost hear the crickets chirping.

    They do have a good jukebox with an excellent selection of indie rock, so I was happy about that!

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