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    Your typical townie dive bar.  Great place for a cheap American, non craft pint, a smoke, and a game of pool.  The bar tenders are always pleasant and attentive.  The food is mediocre at best, but the price is right.  Two yuenglings,a tip, wings, and a game of pool for under 20.

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    If you're an avid smoker, this place is great...  unless you're trying to get a beer.   Part of the draw to this place was the fact I could sit at the bar and enjoy a butt with my pint.  However, all the townies discovered that a long time ago and continued to infest it to the degree all other patrons became lesser customers.  I've been here three times and never managed to get the time of day from the bartender.  This place is your typical hole in the wall without the charm.  To be fair, if you're a regular, I'm sure this place is great.  It just left a very sour taste in my mouth.

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    This is simply the best place ever! The food is AMAZING and everything is super cheap. You will also get some of the best wings here and there are plenty of sauce options (I love the Cajun!). If you like super hot sauce their Suicide wings kick some major butt... way too hot for me to handle more than a little taste of but they are yummy. You can also get deep fried pickles here- I can't recall seeing them anywhere else. But seriously, all of the food is delicious!
    We usually go on a certain night every week or two and our favorite bartender Connie is there. She is an absolute sweetie and will take care of you. The jukebox has a pretty eclectic mix of music and is at the perfect volume- you can still hear the people next to you but you can still easily rock out with the music.
    Also- the other customers at this bar are great people too. They also come in quite a variety of personalities but it is so much fun talking with them and sharing stories! Great people all around!
    Also, you can smoke in here! There is great ventilation so the smoke doesn't really linger. But really, if your like the yuppie a few reviews down who can't handle smoke then don't bother (Why would you go to a smoking bar if you can't stand smoke? You could easily turn back around and go somewhere else!).
    Just a small warning: They do not take credit cards, it is cash only. They do have an atm inside, though.
    This is hands down my most favorite place to go to. If I had lived closer I'd probably be there every night!

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