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    This is a member only social club, and membership can only be granted through nomination by a current member. That being said, if you go in with a member you can easily participate in member benefits.

    Benefits include low priced spirits and beers, food prepared by a professional chef, and excellent entertainment.

    Some of the entertainment includes live singers, a pool table room, lotteries, bingo, and raffles.  They also organize events to travel to Atlantic City, Golf Outings, and other such social events.

    The bartenders are friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed and quiet.  The first Friday and Third Saturday of every month they have Karaoke with Brian and Vickie of East Coast DJs, which is always an excellent time.

    Drinks are exceptionally cheap, as well as the excellent food.

    The only downside to the Mercantile Club is that is a very smokey bar, as the members chose to allow smoking (this is a private club, not a public bar, and therefore they can choose to allow smoking despite PA's smoking ban.) You will come home smelling of cigarettes.  However, if you are a cigar or pipe smoker, there is no ban on the use of these types of tobacco as in some places.

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