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    I tried the grilled sweet and spicy wings, mozzarella sticks, and sweet potato fries. Everything was on point. I also tried a regular fried wing it tasted dry and overdone. The wings are sold by the lb. They were tiny so they were at least 10-11. Wednesday is wing night so they were half priced.

    Service was fine. The waitress asked if we were okay ever two minutes. If you constantly need service then they are on top of it. But it was a bit annoying.

    We had a good experience I'd recommend anyone to try it. I saw some other menu items that I'm interested in trying. They will not be my go to place for wings. There are a few other locations I'd rather pay full priced for (even though these weren't bad)

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    I think the restaurant itself has kind of a cozy feel for the larger size; you can tell it's a "chain" type place but it does have a nice feel.  The "theme" is really a Hooter's but in kilts so there is no big deal along those lines.  I did think that with the attention to detail paid on the atmosphere the food would be better than a Hooters - I don't like their food.

    Unfortunately I was greatly disappointed in the food - it was definitely on the lower scale of "pub fare." The service was sub par as well so that didn't help the overall feel of my first visit either.  Looking other reviews it seems this is the trend for this place so I won't rush to visit again.

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    I'm not quite sure what the problem is here. I LOVE the theme of the place. Great idea. I'm guessing it's a managment problem. I've gone here with friends and it always seems that something is incorrect every time. Either the drink is made wrong, spilled, the check is overcharged, etc.
    I remember even one time sitting at the bar with a friend and it took about 10 minutes to even get a glance (let alone an acknowledgment) that we were even sitting there.

    I would not allow the bartenders to have their cell phones behind the bar either. Too much of a distraction for these girls.

    The only reason why I gave two stars is because I enjoy the Celtic theme and SOME of the waitresses bust their ass while having fun. I'll let you figure out which ones don't. ?

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