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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I have been to Fuel a few times over the past couple of years, but it was my most recent dining experience there that made me want to write a review. The food is always amazing and the service is never less than fantastic, but they really out did themselves this past weekend.

    A friend and I went for dinner, without a reservation, during 5280 on a Saturday. The fact that we were even able to get in at all was amazing, but they graciously found us a table. I'm always a little leery of 5280 dining, because it usually leaves the staff feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated and grumpy, and the food is usually underwhelming from having to be mass produced to accommodate all of the reservations. I can happily say, we had quite the opposite experience. Our waitress at Fuel was lovely and helpful with all of our questions about the food and the wine list, and the food was no less than their usual standard of excellence.  

    The best part: I recently went vegan and they did a special menu just for me! I know, I know I sound like one of those annoying/crazy diners, and I definitely felt self-conscious, but they went out of their way to create it and to make sure that I knew it was no bother at all. And it was delicious! Totally blew me away-especially the blood orange/pomegranate sorbet for dessert. Unreal.

    At the end of the evening we not only got a complimentary shot of house-made lemoncello, but the owner stopped by to talk to us about our experience and give us some background on his food/restaurant philosophy.

    I would have been back regardless of whether or not they could accommodate me as a new vegan or any of the other wonderful treats we experienced that night, but it really sealed Fuel as a Denver staple for me.

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    I have eaten at Fuel, at least 50 times and the food is consistent, fresh and delicious.
    I bring clients for lunch all the time, and they always love it.  The soups at lunch are a standout, and their fried chicken special, is the best in Denver.
    Great staff too.

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    Am I allowed to say "OMFG!" on Yelp?  Well, OMFG!!!  

    First time at Fuel last night.  Had their DRW menu, which was actually their entire February menu (apparently they change the menu every month).  Loved EVERYTHING!  The burrata, the Tchoupitoulas, the steak, the chicken, and of course the chocolate caramel tart.  Great service, sexy ambiance, diverse wine list - Fuel Cafe has it all!  We're coming back every month to try their new menus!  You should, too!

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