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    ugh.  this is definitely a fairbanks favorite and as a Fairbanks Bar Star i have to disagree.  its always so damn crowded and the elongated style of the building makes getting a drink at the bar when its busy a nightmare.  however, i always seem to find myself here because its part of the fairbanks downtown blackout bar crawl  (thats not an actual event but it should be).  its not my favorite but its also not terrible.  its a downtown monument and is obviously important to a lot of old-time fairbanksans, so i'm glad it didn't get torn down recently when it was being discussed.  International Bar, I don't like you but i'm sure i'll be seeing you soon.

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    Conveniently located near downtown Fairbanks, the I-Bar as it's called is a pretty cool little place to hang out.  Staff for the most part very friendly and helpful (especially bartender Jennifer) and always looking out to refill drinks.  A few dart boards, but they are blocked by tables, so I'm not sure if they have a league where they move the tables or what, but the place fills up pretty full on the weekends, so I'm sure they need the extra tables/chairs.  Music is by the juke box and parking is a gravel lot that pretty much surrounds the building.  Drinks are poured to please and priced decent.  If you get a chance, stop by and have a drink!

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