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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
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  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I had a brunch with a girlfriend and we were both pleased with our food. I ordered the mussels and the Market Salad. The mussels were great, the salad was a great size but could have used a little more flavor (enhance the dressing perhaps?). The brunch drinks are priced nicely, they have $5 mimosas and bloody marys, but the waitress failed to mention that the specialty brunch cocktails were only $6 for Sunday brunch!!!! ..I had to read the fine print of the menu to find that out. If I would have known that BEFORE ordering my mimosa, I would have most definitely ordered one of the yummy looking specialty drinks.  So, that was a little disappointing, but I will return to try another dish and to order some specialty brunch cocktails.  
    It was very easy to get a reservation/seat here and I look forward to coming back with the husband.  My husband and I tried to go here one evening for happy hour, but the upstairs was SO ridiculously busy that we were unable to grab a standing spot, let alone the upstairs bartender's attention, but as far as brunch...I would say it was a winner.

    Overall, pleased and I will most likely return for one of the other cocktails.

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    We tried to book a reservation at several restaurants, Light Horse was the only one we could get into with short notice.  When we arrived there was only one other party seated. My first thought was uh-oh. And uh-oh was right on the money.   The appetizers were burnt and my husband's fried catfish tasted old. I had fish tacos. They  had a very spicy sauce on them, which I typically like, but I had the feeling it was a cover up for the flavor that was missing with the rest of the ingredients. On a high note, the beer was very good and the waitress was very sweet.  Go into the Light Horse with the intent of drinking only and you wont be disappointed.

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    The Bar is upstairs. The place was really loud! It's not that the background music is on blast, but people are just talking really loudly. I had to yell in order to have a conversation with someone standing right next to me. The drinks were meh. Didn't have that much alcohol in them. The waitress was nice and attentive. At 10pm, a band went on stage, The Wavos. They have an 80s sound, so if you are into that, you'll love them. They were pretty good, played a couple throwbacks which got the crowd hyped. The crowd was a mix of people who seemed to be in their late 50's to people like me in their 20's.

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