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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    My husband and I love food and we love t o eat out. We went to eat here, thinking to get burgers, but we saw the boneless chicken wings and ordered the appetizer. The tray is HUGE and delectable. One of the best boneless chicken wings I've had.

    However, chicken wings is not what this restaurant is all about. It's the chilli. Since it was our first time there, they gave us a tray with all the types of chilli for us to try. As a latina, I love beans, and beans with ground beef... but... I have to say, that chilli, is the worst! chilli I've EVER had in my life. It tasted like cardboard. Fortunately, the chicken wings were enough to keep us satisfied but, stay away from the chilli!

    I'm not a chef and my chilli is way better...

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    I just crushed a plate of nachos with the terlingua chili and their signature root beer. Wow. I am stuffed. More importantly the chili rocks. If it is your first time, tell them. The will bring you a chili taster so you can get your order right. The put chili on everything (tater tots, fritos and salads). Bring your appetite.

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    Hard Times is great for what it is, and the Chili Mac is awesome.  I'm a Five-Way kind of guy.  All of the food I've had here is great Bar Food, but that's just what it is.  There is a great beer selection and the pool tables in the back add a nice ambiance.  Service has always been stellar, but the lack of light in the dining area tend to make the place feel like a cave.  The bathrooms are a bit dingy, but I LOVE it for what it is and will always make time to stop in here when visiting.

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