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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This past weekend I took my son who was visiting from out of town to this restaurant.  Neither of us have ever been to this chain and upon walking in we were excited but that seem to diminish very quickly.  Once we ordered our meal, it too nearly an hour for us get it!  My son ordered a personal pan pizza and I ordered a turkey bacon club with fries.  The lemonade we received seemed to have had a bucket of sugar in it in which we were told by our server Abbey "to water it down  by mxin it with half water"  WTH!  My son's pizza was prepared to perfection, but my sandwich was cold as the north pole!  Bacon and turkey seemed to come straight from the fridge served on what looked to be toasted bread but it was also cold.  The fries were too salty!  Once Abbey asked us how our meals were, I told her I was unhappy in which the manager/ cashier on duty "Corinna" came over and offered to remove the sandwich from our bill.  We were prepared to pay the balance and leave a tip but when we presented them with a small dollar amount gift card, they refused to take it and added the sandwich price back on!  What a bunch of CROCK!  I vowed to never come to this location again.  I pray the others are not this bad!  We were insulted as well as served a horrible meal (well I was) that made me want to PUKE!  Good luck going to this place!

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    Yeah I am a fan!
    They really did great last night giving me a free beer cause they were out!
    But not a 5 star

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    I don't care if it's a chain, those gosh darn Pizza Rolls are freaking yum.
    This location host's Team Trivia on Wed nights at 7:30pm.- but it get's packed so get there early to get a seat!  Service is friendly in the bar area.
    Usually only have apps and a few drinks, wine is a bit pricey, but those pizza rolls and trivia keep us coming back!

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