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    After several months of this place being in my bookmarks, I finally decided to pull the trigger and give it a shot. Located in a strip mall off of Parker Rd, I wasn't sure what to expect, but am glad we checked it out.

    We ended up going on a Wednesday night and was shocked at how busy the place was. Our server was extremely prompt and guided us through some super tasty traditional Vietnamese fare. We started with the Vietnamese eggrolls (which btw were some of the best I have ever had!). The kitchen also sent out some freshly made spring rolls for us to enjoy as well.

    For dinner, I ordered this shrimp dish that came in a butter-garlic sauce with fresh vegetables and steamed rice. My partner ordered some chicken dish that was also really delicious.

    I am super happy that I ended up giving Golden Saigon a chance, and I can attest I will definitely be back. If you are on this side of town and craving some good asian/Vietnamese food, this is your place to go.

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    Been to A LOT of restaurants that serve Vietnamese...  Including the ones in federal and I have to just say.  Golden Saigon has a special place in my heart.  This restaurant ALWAYS has amazing service which is very important.  And more importantly, the food is amazing!  Everything here is absolutely amazing to eat, my favorite things to order probably would be:

    Appetizers: Eggrolls, Fried Shrimp

    Plates: Pho Dac Biet, Combination Fried Rice (Best fried rice I've ever had in my life), Do it yourself Spring Rolls

    Thai Iced tea is soooo good.  Tao makes it the best and I love getting this when I go.  Perfect to wash down the amazing meal you just had.


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    Very fresh food.  I've always wanted to try this place after visiting H-Mart.  I'm really happy I did.  The service was great, the lo mein was great.  The Kung Pao Beef was also made with very fresh ingredients, you could tell they made it to order, they didn't just reheat some food made earlier that day.
    Go check it out, it's worth your time!

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