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    We just wandered in here yesterday for a glass of wine and boy was I surprised at how wonderful this bar is, adjacent to the Barnum Duckpin bowling, I decided it needed it's own entry on Yelp because I wouldn't want someone to miss out on this great spot because of it's location. You didn't feel like you were next to the bowling alley and they were playing a Sinatra mix which was very cool. The beer selection was great, they had Brooklyn lager and Dogfish 60 minute on draft among other beers which makes me happy, not your usual beer offering at all. The wine selection was fantastic, again they have gone out of the way to offer up interesting choices, not your same old boring standards. This is a family run spot, first we met Sal who was very personable and let us try wines until we found the ones that suited us. Sal was excellent to chat with and convinced us to try the meatball sliders, made from a family recipe, these meatballs were so tasty as was the sauce - and the sausage slider becasue we couldn't resist trying that either. We then couldn't resist ordering a pizza, it was a very thin-crust pizza which we had with proscuitto and garlic, the proscuitto got nice & crispy. This pizza was excellent, I definitely will be eating here again and trying the salad next time because that looked beautiful. Sal even brought us out a taste of the eggplant which was so tasty, the breading was really nicely seaoned, a little peppery almost - let's just say my girlfirend who normally won't touch eggplany happily ate it because that's how good it is. The prices were very reasonable, we will definitely be back here.

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