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    As far as venues go, I'm always partial to the standing room only GA bar kind of feel. (9:30 club, Rams Head Live to name a few) However, for a seated theater-style venue I really liked the overall feel of The Klein. The stage is big, the ceilings are tall, and it has a warm and cozy atmosphere.

    I saw Umphrey's McGee here last night and it was absolutely nuts! Parking was easy and safe (right across the street for $5). Will Call was quick and painless...no lines, no hassle. And everybody working here was really friendly and helpful for the most part.

    The only gripes I have with this place were the sound system and the bar. The sound system was below par as far as what I'm used to. Not that it was bad, but it seemed to be missing something. Could have been attributed to my seat's location, but I don't know. As for the bar, it is tiny and its all the way in the basement. This is a minor complaint as I know its probably the best they could do with the space. All I advise is that you shouldn't wait until a set break to get drinks...you will be waiting for a lonnnnnnng time.

    Overall, cool little venue that books great gigs. If I were up in the area more I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

    Oh and I noticed security is very lenient for the most part, so do with that as you will ;)

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    The Klein rocks! The folks from the Fairfield Theater Company are booking great shows into The Klein. The facility is first rate, with plenty of free, secure parking in their parking lot directly across the street. Saw The Fab Faux there a couple of months ago, great show. What a treasure The Klein is.

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    The physical theater is nothing special, its just a theater located in an urban area, but what makes The Klein special is the acts that they bring in.  These are first rate concerts coming through a relatively small market (relative to NYC) and its much easier to get better (closer) tickets for events here.

    There also seems to be a really great and hard working community of people supporting this theater, and I really enjoyed the trip up here.

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