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    Awesome food and drinks just like King's Kitchen! Great selection for the gluten-free fans. The gluten-free gnocchi were out of this world. Hunter King, you've done it again!

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    I'm definitely going back....but I hope they improve the items I had. The Soup of the day was yummy. My friend said the shrimp Po'boy was not really traditional since the bread has to be really long and a combo of fish or meat with sausage, lettuce tomatoes, Creole mustard. It didn't really resemble the real thing and it was really quite anemic.He said it tasted good but it wasn't packed with the traditional ingredients. Only 3 shrimp so not filling.

    The chicken nachos were abysmal. I could have made them better at home. Very ordinary chips, actually sub-par, with about what seemed like 3 ounces of chicken and very little cheese. Honestly, not the quality or quantity one would expect from this kitchen or for the price.

    I'd love to see them succeed but they have to step up the quality and the portions of the food we had.

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    Incredible food! Finally something good and fresh in Fairfield county..this is napa in Westport and I LOVE it!

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