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    Tautog is definitely my favorite place to get steak.  I have had the burger more times than I can count and always end up getting cheddar, balsamic caramelized onions, and bacon - even though it would be fine on it's own...bacon just makes everything better!

    The brussels sprouts and creamed spinach are a good alternative to the truffle fries which I seem to be addicted to :)  The truffle sprouts (brussels sprouts with truffle oil and bacon) and the iceburg wedge (iceburg salad w/a fried egg on top) have been my favorite specials so far besides the sweet cream Timothy's ice cream sandwiches.

    The wall hangings, antique lamps, weathered mirror, and cool bar all make the restaurant/bar feel very inviting and cozy - especially in the glow of candlelight.  I feel like it's very different from previous bars in that location and the menu is really unique to the area.  I also love eating in booths and there are a bunch to choose from.

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    I have been a resident of Black Rock for many years and I can tell you that this location has turned and burned a few owners/partnerships and names. But Tautog Tavern is a welcome addition to  the neighborhood and I feel  that if they continue with the great menu and their creative chef, this place will reign for dining options in Black Rock.    The new owners have given this space a simple and cozy  upgrade with an antique bar and breakfront.  There are some booths, high tops and  other tables throughout accented with blue gingham table clothes and mason jars.

    Their chef, Steve is a culinary school graduate, he is not a line cook and their food and ingredients definitely don't come out of a Sysco food truck.  Every meal I have had at the Tautog Tavern has been delicious, the sandwiches and steaks are served on wooden cutting boards which adds to the presentation of good wholesome food, the condiments, sauces and pickles are all made in house and you can taste the difference.   I especially enjoyed the steak so I've had it three times in the last 2 weeks.  Try it, you'll love it.

    The "tavern like" atmosphere is cozy, warm and friendly, the only thing missing is a fire place.  Tautog Tavern is a great place to stop in and have dinner after work or a great meeting point for dinner before heading out on the town. This is a great neighborhood pub where you can go alone for dinner or drinks and have great conversation with the staff , owner or other patrons.

    The menus is great, a bit unique for bar fare.  If you're looking for wings and quesadillas,  there are plenty of other places you can go on the Avenue.If you're looking for wholesome, locally sourced ingredients  I highly recommend  Tautog Tavern for dinner or lunch.  It's a much needed spot for Black Rock's growing community.

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    A few weeks ago I went in with my father and brother to try out the new kitchen. It turned out to be an extremely pleasant surprise that included some of the freshest food I have had in the Fairfield area!

    The menu isn't large and it has some very different dishes, so at first I wasn't sure. But once we dug into the food our minds changed very quickly! We had the Abe Lincolns (a sort of fried oyster wrapped in bacon) and the chili. Both were amazing! The chili had great flavor but my father and I like our food a little spicier than normal, so we asked for some hot sauce. Instead of hot sauce the chef, Steve, made a homemade spicy salsa to add because he "wanted to give us some spice without ruining the flavor". How cool is that? It did the trick too; spice with all of the flavor. We then had a steak sandwich special and the Ham and Cheese sandwich with a side of tomato soup. The Ham and Cheese was excellent, but that steak sandwich might have been the best I have ever had, no lie! Too bad it was a special, because it became an instant favorite!

    Since then, we have gone back in and had the burgers, fried vegetable medley, and the homemade Jelly Doughnuts (which are made by the Chef's wife). Common theme here: everything was delicious and very fresh! That's the main reason I gave it five stars! I have grown up in Fairfield and I have never had food that tasted this fresh. You can tell it's all homemade with fresh ingredients. You don't see that too often in this area.

    The bar itself is very nice with a very attentive and fun staff, it's sort of quiet right now because I don't think people know about it but I bet that changes as people hear about the food.

    So it may seem unimposing from the outside, but go in there and try some of Steve's creations. I can guarantee you will not leave upset that you did!

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