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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This is the strangest and most delightful thing that has happened to me recently. That's saying something because a lot of strange, and sometimes delightful things seem to happen to me on the daily.

    I desired delivery pizza from T & B so I called. They answered. I asked about delivery. The pleasant fellow on the phone said he wasn't certain they could deliver today. So, he put  me on hold for a second and came back with the go-ahead. They would deliver. Huzzah! I really felt like their chopped salad(yum), and the kids were craving the bacon pizza (to die).

    In under a half hour--it seemed like 15 minutes, but that isn't possible, is it?--a rather dapper gent pulled up to my house, topless... I mean his car was topless...it was a convertible, so that was okay. He had my pizza and salad in hand, and the poor guy looked warm, really warm. It's like a thousand degrees outside after all.

    So, I say to the hot guy...with his topless car... (having fun yet?) that I really appreciated them working out the delivery thing. I was super hungry and afraid I would melt on the way to their restaurant, so delivery was really important. He said, no worries. "We didn't have a car today, so I came. I'm the owner."

    ::::Mind Blowing:::::

    The guy shlepped the pizza here himself, AND wouldn't take a tip.

    I love the food here. Its always good. The guy behind the bar is always cool with giving me beer/wine advice and he makes a mean martini--but this? The class and dedication nearly had me tearing up. The owner himself made sure I was not let down and I had my delivery pizza.

    Who does that anymore?

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the folks at Tomato & Basil for the best food ever, their outstanding service, above and beyond the call of duty. Wow.

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    I had the arugula and pear salad ( small size) is plenty for a meal. And I ordered the truffle aioli french fries, yum. The servers share behind the bar service with table waiting, could be an improved. The food is good though.

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    We have been to this restaurant a number of times and have realy enjoyed the salads, soups and entrees....
    Today's early dinner visit was a huge disappointment.
    After being seated with menus we waited 15 minutes for some attention in a very lightly filled room. We saw the servers in the back of the restaurant all talking and using their phones, essentially ignoring us and the other customers, very frustrating.
    We decided to leave for another more customer friendly restaurant down the road.
    A very negative experience.....They have lost a customer and any recommendation to friends,

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