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    What a pleasant surprise!!! I had a most delicious lunch here today, my first visit. I had the opportunity to meet Pierre, the chef. What a gracious man! Me and my friends all started with the Maryland crab and corn chowder. It was outstanding. Not too buttery, not too thick and the crab was not overpowered by the corn - something I find too often in chowders with corn. For my main course I had the veggie sandwich that was served with rice and beans. The veggies were grilled and seasoned to perfection and the toasted bread balanced it all marvelously. And did I mention the rice and red beans??? Oh my word! Absolutely delicious. The iced tea was a disappointment but I could have cared less. Everyone at my table loved their meal - a shrimp and chicken pasta dish and a blackened chicken salad. I'll definitely be back!!!

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    My best friend and I ate here tonight (Saturday night) with our husbands and we had a great time.  As stated by Eliza B. in the last review (written 18 months ago) this is a chef owned and operated Caribbean Fusion restaurant where you get personalized attention.  Now ain't that a rare thing!  I had the crusted tuna served cooked PERFECTLY with a kick-ass sauce on top of smashed potatoes which were on top of baby bok choy and pickled ginger.  It was an incredible dish and I did something I've never done before.  I hugged the chef.  The salads were excellent.  The corn and crab soup and the salmon were also excellent.  My husband was a little disappointed in the penne pasta which he found "ordinary" and in a red sauce that he had been under the impression was going to be a cream sauce.  But he ate some of my tuna and that made him happy.  The bar could use a larger wine selection and bottled sparkling water would have been nice but those are small details to change in a place that is otherwise way beyond average and beyond expectations.  Hoping to go back for other special occasions!

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    Not happy with the food. Service was great though

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