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    1/2 apps on Tuesdays. The most delicious honey chipotle aioli (housemade) I have EVER had. $5 lobster rolls on Thursdays...... how can you go wrong?!

    I do wish there was some kind of sneeze guard over the raw bar, but Im sure it's fine and Im just a weirdo who gets skeeved out by things like that lol. And that's not to say I havent eaten things from the raw bar - I have.... I just still wish there was a sneeze guard there. Even if it's not the prettiest looking thing lol

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    Black Rock to me in many ways feels like Connecticuts own version of "Southie" (South Boston, that is for those of you who need clarification), for a multitude of reasons, and this place is a great example of why I mean that in a mostly complementary way.  In making this statement I am factoring in the one slightly off experience we had here one night when the vibe was overwhelmingly darkly druggie to say the least.  Ill leave that one alone,  and only say that other than that we had a great time here overall.
    The food as a whole proved to be very good, and hammered home the point that we had crossed the line into legit New England.  The excellent NE Clam Chowder would be perfectly acceptable on the shore or anywhere in Greater Boston and the Raw Bar was solid.  Uniformly tasty were the smallish crab cake, and baked clams casino style.  Oysters Rockafella were dried out on one occasion and perfectly sumptuous on another.  One Tuesday all non-raw bar appetizers were half priced but this seed to be somewhat random, and was not offered on another Tuesday until we asked. There is a good if somewhat erratic beer selection, though no drafts are offered and the solid Dark N Stormys are discounted to 5 bucks any time its raining, you gotta love that.
       The laid back vibe, dead heavy soundtrack and Uber-chill staff all pay great homage to the well-established and regionally unique New England stoner subculture, as well as the distinctive neighborhood it is located in.

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    Fun place to hang out. The food is great and the raw bar was excellent. Great place to either start the night or cap off the evening. The availability of outdoor seating is a plus

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