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    Great spot to enjoy some wine and AMAZING cocktails... They're quite good at pairing the wine and cheese plates for you but get there early for a table by the windows if you're with a small party. Cheers

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    Love the ambiance, very New York-esque, little bit more modern than others in the area. Great cocktail selections and service. The only problem is that you need to drive back home....

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    Cute and cozy little place! Cheese, meats, pork sliders and wine. Yum. Great with a little live music. Pork slider trio...delicious, cheese platter and meat platter were a nice spread to share with a friend. Best part was the live music, Steve played and sang familiar tunes from 6:30 on the Wednesday evening I was there, great accompaniment to a cozy evening out. Perfect little setting, small and good for couples or a night out with a few friends at the bar.

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