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    This is Fairfield University's main theater. They have a lot of cool people actually come to speak or preform here like the famous astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and also Stephan A. Smith, a few other good performances as well. It's pretty cheap especially for students it's usually only $5.
    The center also contains a free gallery of some really cool artists. They might not be the best known but it's a free art gallery on campus that has a few different exhibitions over a year. Pretty cool place overall.

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    Well used facility for a variety of performance arts.  Music, theatre, dance, and not just off the cuff stuff that can only make it in the burbs.  Real shows that hit NYC Metro audiences worth the going for.  Parking is well orchestrated and from what I can tell most shows are a real hit as all I've attended are nearly sold out.

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