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    Good place to have a couple of drinks. Happy Hour 4-7 Mon-Friday, with $3 draft beers, which included Guinness! 4 Guinness for $12 = Awesome!

    Friendly bartender. Sports shows on the TV, to have something to watch.

    Ordered the Irish nachos, which was very good. They taste like potatoes skins.

    I will be coming back

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    Good Guinness, no harsh chemical taste from industrial cleaners.
    The Hot Dog was really outstanding, real SPORT PEPPERS! I know the relish looks eeh, but it tastes great.

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    Irish nachos is an amazing recipe. Waffle fries, cheese, bacon, pure unhealthy yum. And a great offset to all of the beer drinking that goes along with hanging out at Brennan's.

    Fun atmosphere with a good mix of bar seats and high top tables. Live music.. Very loud..  But a good mix of some regular bands that seem to have quite the following.

    Bartenders are friendly and prompt.. And made sure we all had full beers for the 7+ hours we were there.

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