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    I had been in the area visiting and had to get back to Vino's...  So, an old friend and I went to Vino's for dinner, and she was floored with how amazing her dinner of Shrimp Fra Di' Aviolo was while I was equally astonished with the deliciousness of the Chicken Piccatta I was having.  The Chicken Piccatta has always been consistently very good.  However, my last visit to Vino's, I had truly the most delicious Chicken  Piccatta I ever had in my entire life.  What's also incredibly wonderful about this restaurant outside of being reasonably priced while still providing quality food, was that tables were spaced out nicely and the restaurant was so relaxing, visually appealing, and comfortable.

    Since then, I was heartbroken hearing Vino's had closed.  It truly was a wonderful place to go in Fairfield, and I can only hope Vino's will come back one of these days.

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    I went here for lunch on a Wednesday afternoon a couple of months ago with some business associates. What a reasonably priced menu with great options for lunch! I got the Sausage and broccoli rabbe pasta and it was quite delicious. The decor is also quite upscale and nice, perfect for a casual date or night out with family/friends. Would be happy to go back again, especially for lunch.

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    CLOSED FOR BUSINESS. Don't know what happened but drove by this restaurant today and it was closed. The last time we went there, we were not impressed with the quality of food or atmosphere.

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