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    BORING PLACE. NO CROWD. LACKLUSTER MENU. This place can't compete with its competition. I've walked in and saw only staff sitting at the bar looking bored out of their mind. And what's with the bouncer? SERIOUSLY?? There is more atmosphere and a better crowd across the street, or a few doors down. And the dark parking lot in the back just creeps me out. I'm not getting robbed after a late night of partying. TAPS is not worth it.

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    Beer has come a long way in a few years. In under a decade, the American palate has become more discerning towards beers. As a result, there are some wonderful places that are meeting this demand with craft and imported beers served up to the sophisticated conosuir.  
    This is not one of those places.
    It absolutely has the potential to be, but it falls shot in several places.
    There are domestic repeats on tap. Yes, these are your intros to other beers and there are people that will always want "generic lite." This is where the bartenders fall short. An easy question to ask a person is "What do you normally like?" Followed up with a craft brew that can bring the customer around.  Suggestions should be popping, not just offers of a taste. It's appreciated, but please know the current fad of IPAs is not one of equality. Know what your more malty beers are, which IPAs finish with a citrus hop, or point your customer toward something if they like a farmhouse.
    Taps bartenders do not do this. Perhaps because of the turnover rate of bartenders, or the need for eye candy over knowledgeable representation of the product.  
    I will exercise cautious optimism as I pop into Taps periodically to see if there are improvements. A real brew pup would be a wonderful addition to the Black Rock area and give competition to Norwalk, Milford and New Haven.

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    Fantastic Happy Hour specials and a great selection of beers!  Hope this place does well...

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