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    This is an on campus Italian food restaurant/ Bar. The food side has most options you can anticipate from an Italian Pizza joint. The food is really good, cheap, and they deliver on campus. Anyone who has went to Fairfield University should know that their best option is clearly the chicken turnover, which is a chicken calzone that is out of this world. It's has gotten smaller over the past few years I've been here but still very good and big. the food is cash and stag-bucks only. This is operated by Angelo's Pizza, NOT Fairfield University
    The bar side, is a cheap bar that only serves beer and wine. the bar is operated by Fairfield University. They have a pretty small option of beers that are generally light in nature. The bartenders are all students who are usually pretty good. But it is a fun place to go and drink at a bar not having to worry about having to get a cab home. Overall really good establishment!

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