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    I have been here many, many times and it makes no difference who is tending bar... the martini has been perfect.  Every time.  Amazing.  Great burger, love the pasta and the ambiance.  A little noisy when full (which is often) but the staff is warm, professional and very helpful.

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    I haven't been in Fairfield since the summer of 2011, but there I found myself. I did a quick Yelp search for somewhere to grab some afternoon nibbles and a cocktail and the Chelsea came up as convenient and well-liked.

    I was happy with the appearance--while verging on the sterility of forced "authenticity," it's still a cut above anywhere I've been in Fairfield before for aesthetics. It was pleasant to sit around, and not at all crowded on a Sunday late afternoon (unsurprising).

    The staff were universally friendly and on top of their work, but not in any way that felt forced or disingenuous. They seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves (though that is admittedly not hard when you have a mostly empty place to take care of).

    We shared a few cocktails--the cucumber lemonade was just what I wanted on the hot day, as it was cool and refreshing. The Chelsea mason was also very good, and tastes completely non-alcoholic, which, as we noted, can be dangerous. The real winner, however, was the Black Rock lemonade. The jalapeno packs just a smidge of kick, but was actually more of a rich flavor than a spice. As someone who liked spicy cocktails, I could've gone for something with a bit more zest, but the flavor was so engaging and intriguing that I didn't care. That was definitely the best cocktail of the day.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing that is even REMOTELY vegan on their menu. I don't think of Fairfield as a bastion of veg-friendliness, but I've noticed it becoming much more progressive toward it in the past years as I've been back. Hell, the Chelsea is within sight of Catch a Healthy Habit--a little TOO crunchy for my taste--so it would've been nice to be able to actually eat something.

    The boy got the mussels, however, and RAVED. They were very well-priced, and the sauce looked fantastic. He ate the leftover sauce with a spoon, so it was clearly a winner.

    Overall, we enjoyed our stop, and if the Chelsea is still around next time I'm visiting my mother, I'll most likely return.

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    Came here for drinks and a small bite to eat a few weeks ago and I had a good experience. We got seated almost immediately on a busy Friday night which I think was more luck than anything,  but nice regardless.  The waiters were constantly checking on us, making sure everything was fine. Probably some of the best service I've encountered in a long time. The drinks were also a nice surprise as a gin and tonic came tall for what I'd sometimes pay at other bars for a short one.  Overall,  I really enjoyed my experience and would probably come back.

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