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    Great place for a date.  Tons of parking in the back.  Make it happen!

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    Every last Thursday of the month they have a night called "Bluegrass and Beer" for only a $3.00 cover.  What else do you need to know?

    Fine, fine, I guess you want a little more information than that.

    Acoustic Cafe is a quaint little live music bar/venue in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport (I emphasize the neighborhood because I do not want you to concern yourself with getting stabbed).  It has a pretty interesting vibe to it.  Somewhere between punk rock and hippie.

    The ambiance is pretty excellent, as they have everything from posters depicting... strange acts... to multicolored indoor lanterns.  They also have a few very comfortable couches on a raised platform in the back, which I highly recommend as an excellent way to relax and enjoy the show.

    The bartenders are generally pretty cool, although when the place is hopping it can take a few minutes to get a drink.

    They do always charge a cover, but they're very supportive of local artists, from bands to painters, so I have no problem throwing 5 bucks their way.

    Ultimately this is definitely one of the hipper places in Bridgeport and an excellent place to take in local music and have a few beers with friends.  Plus, y'know, the bluegrass.  Who doesn't love a good banjo or stand-up bass?  Communists, that's who.

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    Go when good bands are playing and even when local bands are playing. I don't mind paying a cover because when I walk in I know why they charge a cover and it's to support the artist and musicians. NOT to make a ton of $$$$.
    The stage is small but that's a good thing if your a small band (because the venue looks full) and great for a well known band (because the venue IS full).
    It is a step above a dive bar but that's what they want. They know it's in Bridgeport and not in SoNo or NYC.
    They FINALLY paved and put cameras in the parking lot so it's not sketchy.
    Best Beer in Black Rock (Long Trail Double Bag on tap).

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