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    They are now closed, and it remains empty. But if your in the mood to take a trek to Black Rock, head over to Brennan Sheebeans, go Irish Fare at a cheap price, did I mention I have a hankerin' for there burgers at least once a week.

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    What Brooklyn Dive Bars try to be like.

    I encourage all Brooklyn Dive bar proprietors to take a ride up 95 into Bridgeport and check out this place.

    This is where we used to start out every night. Theres sometimes lesbians here, once in a while you can find some bridgeport trannys, you can find and ex-minor league baseball/hockey players playing pool, a bartender who teaches spelling in her daughters 2nd grade class, and usually bikers-  The bottom line- you can expect leather one way or another.

    The bar itself does sell cigarettes in the machine, its made to look like its broken so kids dont try and use it, "but just becuase the lights are off sweetheart, doesnt mean you cant use it *wink*"- old lady at bar with ample experiance using cigarettes machines.

    sit at the bar, and look up and tell me what you see.  A rail, more specifically a pipe hanging from the cieling. what is this for? maybe some sort of anti-fire mechanism or maybe something to help with the refridgeration, you are so far off.

    Its so the bartenders dont slip off the bar b.c when you buy a round of drinks for 10 people, it is mandatory they do so, and they do.

    I forgot, usually there is a 20-something girl at the bar crying about her baby daddy.

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