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    Thought this place was going to be lame. turns out I'm an idiot. Me and my cousin were visiting from Milwaukee and decided to walk around Downtown Duluth. We passed this place thinking it would resemble and feel like a douchey bro bar establishment... But, turns out the staff is incredibly versed in their beers and we ended up having some fun in this joint...

    Go here... I know I am when I return

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    My boyfriend and I have gone to Duluth twice in the past year, and both times 7 West was our first stop.

    They have an AMAZING beer selection.  The first time we went I was introduced to a black IPA.  Have you had a black IPA?  You should.  For some reason, not many bars in the Twin Cities carry black IPAs.  7 West has several, along with any other type of beer you would want.

    The second time we went, I had another black IPA.  I also had the Reuben burger.  Unlike other Reuben burgers I've had, they put corned beef on top of the burger along with all the other Reuben ingredients.  Even the bun was delicious; it seemed to melt in my mouth.  The boyfriend got a burger with an egg on top, which he said was the best egg burger he's ever had.  We split a side of fries.  You can get lots of different toppings and dipping sauces.  We opted for a salt and vinegar topping, which was phenomenal.

    Finally, the service was great.  We sat at the bar and the bartender was incredibly attentive, swooping in to get our second beer order when we were 3/4 done with our first.  We received our food about 5 minutes after ordering it.  The cook checked on us to see how we liked our food.  Attentive without being annoying.

    Definitely check it out.

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    The food is simple and fresh, great burgers and beers. A simple concept, done well. Service was quick and friendly, new server had a few errors and fixed them as she was learning the ropes. The place was clean and welcoming.

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