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    Recently saw a show at the DECC Symphony Hall and had a very good time. The auditorium was big and clean, well maintained. I was surprised at how big the balcony was! The acoustics were very good. We were right up front, so I can't say how the sound carried throughout the large auditorium, but from our seats, the acoustics were great -- sound was balanced, no feedback, really able to hear everything really clearly. The staff was super professional and well-organized (always appreciated). The venue was able to handle the number of people, and all signage and directions were clear to help guide fans to the right part of the building. It was clear that they were able to handle a sell-out event with no trouble. And the beverages were reasonably priced, as was the parking -- something that always is a pleasant surprise, especially when you grew up in a city where parking always costs $10 and up no matter where you are going! In all, kudos to the staff and would definitely see another show at the DECC.

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