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    3rd visit here proved disappointing. I felt a bit disappointed after visit #2 but wanted to give it another shot. I ordered a double fisted Vegan Socialist to share with my husband on our long ride home to Ironwood, MI. If you know Ironwood, you know it's the capitol of disappointing dining experiences, so usually it doesn't take much to make us happy. Anyways, we also ordered a kids burrito and some guacamole. The double fisted burrito seemed smaller than usual and was very sloppy in both flavor and presentation. The BIG downer...the guacamole. It was either more than a couple  days old or not made in house. It tasted like prepackaged Sysco something. Considering the price and the way this place sells itself, the guac should be a star. I actually didn't even eat my $4.50 of it. I'd rather go without than eat bad guacamole.  Anyways.... one burrito, one kids burrito (rice and beans only) and guacamole....$23. And not even organic or local as far as I could tell. I never mind the price of food if it's good. The service is so-so. Not bad, but not notable in any way.

    I'm bummed. I wanted to like this place.

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    I wanted to like Burrito Union more than I did. I'll give them props for a great location (Chester Bowl), atmosphere (kitschy Commie), and service (friendly, accomodating to families). But, I wasn't super thrilled with the food. To be fair, my husband liked his quite a bit and LOVED that he could pair his burrito with a local beer. I had a margarita that was fine. We started our meal with chips, guac, and medium salsa. The chips were thick and rather bland (unsalted?) and the salsa was watery and flavorless--more like a blended pico de gallo. The guac was smooth, but had a good taste. I tend to like flavor that assaults my tongue, as do a couple of our kids, so we ordered the hot pineapple habanero salsa next, which was better but not spectacular.

    For our entrees, I tried the Empire Builder, while my husband tried the Imperial Chicken--both were two-fisted. The kids had small bean burritos and liked them well enough. Mine was again somewhat bland, with tough steak strips, a cold tortilla, and the red chipotle sauce inside had an odd spaghetti sauce flavor to it--almost no heat whatsoever. My husband enjoyed his burrito (I liked it better than mine) and said he'd return. I'd be happy to go back and try something else; but, I'm glad I know what to expect from our past experience.

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    Loved by many but unfortunately I prefer Chipotle.
    Not bad and has a great atmosphere just not that special.

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