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    It's not too difficult to make soup and sandwiches and yet the food is only mediocre at best. The squash soup is horrible, they've completely ruined the tiramisu by putting chocolate chips in it.
    I come here for the live music jams and good beer selection. stay away from the food and don't expect a server to ever show up at your table.
    Free popcorn!
    It's a fun place to meet friends and they have a good clientele- all age groups, lots of locals, genuinely nice folks and it's easy to chat with other people.
    Terrific place to sit outside when the weather is nice. Great view of lake, but watch out for seagulls.

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    Pretty good sandwiches, and an astonishing amount of beer. Ordering your food is a little different than a regular restaurant; take a right when you walk in to get to the bar area, and then to the left is the sandwich bar where you place your order. The menu with the specialty sandwiches is written on the wall to the left of the sandwich bar and the make-your-own sandwich menu is listed on the wall behind the counter.

    After ordering you are given a number, you take your seat, and then the food is brought out to you. Lots of interesting sandwich choices with fresh-baked bread and fresh ingredients. Full and half-size sandwiches are available too.

    Daily soups include the English Onion soup which is really outstanding. The soup is probably what would keep me coming back more so than the sandwiches. Your meal comes with a pickle spear and a handful of chips on some wax paper served on a lunch tray. Very divey, but it is a pub after all and you are probably there for the beer and full bar.

    They have homemade tiramisu on the menu so I had to try some. It is served in a small bowl, so the portion is more than adequate, and it is topped with tiny chocolate chips and dusted with cocoa powder. I try tiramisu where ever I can, and this just didn't do it for me. It tasted fresh, but there was only one tiny layer of ladyfingers, and I suspect because of that I didn't taste any espresso or liquor flavors. Pretty dense compared to some lighter tiramisu I have had, but it was decent for a pub restaurant.

    Overall the service was very friendly and the beer menu is impressive. Prices are mediocre (in the $$ range if you order a sandwich and a drink from the bar), but the food is above average for a tavern. They offer live music fairly often, and they have a private parking lot and a wonderful view of the lake with their spot on Superior Street.

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    Went here on our way through town as we walked through downtown.  You walk up to a counter, tell them what you want and have a seat either inside or on the patio. The food was good with us having a bowl of soup and order of nachos. It's typical bar food and a nice setting.

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