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    I must agree with Tony here -- If we lived in Duluth, I'm sure we'd be regulars here in no time.

    Carmody's was everything you want in a local bar and an Irish pub. The bar has character, from the dollar bills attached all over the ceiling to the materials on the walls. The staff was super friendly to us, taking us on a tour and everything. A mark of a good bar: you stay longer than you intended to, and you walk out knowing at least half of the staff members' names. We found out the brewmaster makes a special small batch experiment that goes online every Sunday afternoon. We're told it doesn't last long :-) The beer itself is excellent -- wonderfully flavorful and smooth. I was particularly fond of the Irish Red, which was sweeter than your average commercially mass-produced red, but not sugary -- it had that bold red flavor you'd like with great undertones of flavor and just enough hops. Really great beer. I would imagine that if we lived up there, I would quickly reach the point where the bar staff would stop asking what I wanted to drink. Sure we'll be back. Cheers.

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    Maybe it was a bad night, but the crowd seemed grungy, the bar was dirty and sticky, and the taps kept going out. When they changed them, the product tasted like CO2-infused crap. Rather than try it herself and experience the disgusting-ness for herself, the barwoman asked me if I drank that beer very often, because I "obviously" didn't recognize the flavor.

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    Stopped in here after dinner for drinks. The decor fit the theme well, and the wait staff was prompt and courteous. The beer selection was quite extensive. I didn't recognize that they had they're own brews, otherwise I would have gotten them, but instead drank Surly. They were out of a couple of beers my wife ordered from the menu, but she was eventually able to find a beer she wanted that they had available. The only real complaint is that it did not smell good at all...in fact, it smelled like body odor or stinky feet. Not sure if it was just another patron or what, but it was bad enough that even if we were hungry, I don't think we would have eaten. I'm sure it isn't an ongoing thing, but it left an impression on us.

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