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    Red Star is one of our favorite places to hang in all of Duluth. First, they serve Fitger's beer... and as we happen to usually stay at Fitger's, this makes for a most convenient watering hole within walking distance of our hotel room. Second, the vibe is a cross between cool and hip, dive bar and total local hangout. If you happen to be there on an evening when someone is playing live music, you may encounter a younger, more rowdy crowd. If you're there at another time, it'll be pretty laid back. You never know who you will run into or what will happen. There's no food -- you'd have to go across the hall for that to the restaurant/pub. (Conveniently, you can wait for your table in Red Star, so there's that...) But if you just want to hang out and grab a few beers, Red Star is a great place to go. It's a bit more relaxed and can be less crowded than the restaurant across the street, at least in our experiences there.

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    4 stars are for the service. This place is for young kids but they do have good drinks and the service is good unlike the brew house.

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    Too damn old for this place.

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