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    44 on the 4th ......

    I used Party Bus Limo for my 44th birthday. We rented their largest party bus -20 passengers. The bus was very modern and clean. The driver was on time, very courteous and flexible.  I shopped for quotes before booking with them but they gave me the best rates and the quality was even better than the other companies I used before. She picked us up , took us to dinner and then we went to fireworks for the remaining of the night. At 2AM sharp the driver was in the front of the club waiting for myself and my friends to show up. We had an excellent time and a very nice experience. They made my birthday a joy!! I am definitely going to use their company again and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a fun and inexpensive ride out on town. Thank you  BlueSky and Annette!   44 on the 4th not to forget!

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