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    Food was decent.  Decor was a mish-mash of Oriental and Polynesian touches, along with cartoon caricatures and Bob Marley memorabilia.  Dark and small.  Very nice waitress, though a bit haphazard.  Like I said, it was totally decent.

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    It was hard to find a decent Chinese food place being from up North. I ate here now about 5 times. The food is fresh and tastes very good. I would not say its the best but the service is friendly

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    This review is based on the food as delivered to my hotel down the street.  I was not promised a delivery time but my order came in about 30 minutes.  The delivery guy was polite and I tipped him appropriately - hey, I had a good day.  I ordered a pint of hot and sour soup and an order of Szechwan Chicken.  The soup was, hands down, the very spiciest hot and sour soup that I've ever had, anywhere.  I loved it.  Too often have I been served a tepid, pasty mush - this soup has chutzpa!  You're a stronger person for having consumed it, and you probably have automatically learned a foreign language through the sheer power of pulling that potential energy into your body.  Whoo!  

    The main course was just not right.  Szechwan meals that I've enjoyed at every other Chinese restaurant has been pleasantly spicy meat with a modest variety of vegetables in a thick sauce.  This dish had a generous quantity of chicken but an overwhelmingly cosmopolitan variety of vegetables:  carrots, bak choi, water chestnuts, baby carrots, mushrooms, green pepper, onion.   Moreover the sauce was thin and featured fish paste or fish oil.  Spicy?  Not so much.  Not a bad dish, and certainly plenty for a single meal, but not really at all what I wanted.

    And when, oh when will I remember to ask for chopsticks?  I got all kinds of sauces, crispy noodles for the soup (unused), hot mustard, sweet and sour sauce, soy sauce but no ohashi//kwaitzu/chopsticks, alas.

    If you're in Ft. Lauderdale and have a craving for an Asian flavor make this your second stop.  It is serviceable - no it is good - just not great.

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