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    Where have these other people been eating?  I tried this restaurant this past week. I took a great friend with me so I was very embarrassed that I picked this place.  Outside it looks like a taco bell and it has a DRIVE-THRU!  The food was HORRIBLE. We had the hibachi filet mignon and the scallops. The meat was not even close to filet mignon and the scallops tasted like meat because they were cooked together.  The appetizers that were recommended were very overpriced and non-appetizing.  Should've stayed home.  NEVER AGAIN.

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    We have lived here for almost 20 years and tried Tokyo Sushi at it's other location and were not impressed. When we learned they had moved to a new location we thought we would give them another try. I will admit I was surprised by the location. It's a doomed retail space. Nothing that opens lasts more than a year. You would think being located down the street the owners would know that but....perhaps they felt their loyal clientele would follow.

    First off, it's a lot cleaner than the last spot. Secondly, the service is very friendly. It teeters on almost "too friendly" for South Florida. Being that we are the 6th burrough of NY we tend to be a bit stand offish.

    We had a bottle of sake. Although offered a nice bottle of wine, I did not see one on the menu (perhaps they would drive to Publix to get one) so we settled on a good bottle of sake. We started with the gyoza and tuna tartar caviar and they were both good.

    The rolls are giant. You definitely only need one. I had the Amerian Dream roll which I enjoyed very much. A friend had the Sky Roll. Note: Don't be surprised if you see the Sky Roll recommended a lot here. It's their #1 recommended roll and my friend did enjoy it very much. My other friend had the Pacifica roll which she liked as well.

    All in all we were pleasantly surprised. I think the new location is a definite upgrade. I hope they last over a year and defy the location curse.

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    Local sushi spot. Got a Groupon, and spent double lol WOMPPPP. But it was for 3 birthday's so it was worth it. The Steak Teppanyaki was BIZZZOMBBBB and so was the Cassava Cake. Oh and super duper plus: the rolls had like 10-12 pieces each. that was a nice suprise to each of them. LOTS to eat for the price :)

    - Wonton & Miso Soups
    - Scallop Teriyaki
    - Shrimp Fried Rice
    - Hibachi Steak Teppanyaki **FAV**

    - Miami Heat Roll
    - Marlins Roll
    - Tempura JB Roll

    - Cassava Cake **FAV**
    - Tempura Banana w/Ice Cream
    - Tempura Cheese Cake

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