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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This is a great place for a few drinks and/or craft beers with friends and apps. They have skeeball, pool table and live entertainment. However our service kinda stunk at our last visit. Great place to watch sports if that's your thing.

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    Don't take my 3 stars as a snub to the joint, we just haven't been overly impressed but still continue to stop in to watch a game.

    Pros: Tons of Tvs. The best sports bar we've found in the Dunedin Area. Friendly service and a great selection of beers. We have been neither impressed nor disgusted by the food and honestly, after a few beers - anything tastes good.

    Cons: We were trying to watch the tourny and a band started playing. Not only did they not have the "big game" on the TV with the sound on (so we could at least hear the game), but then they played a band? We were not impressed by this, at all.

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    Wish I would have read some of the recent reviews before I let the monster truck suck me in.  Food was okay, drinks were weak service was very good.  Maybe because we sat the bar.  Won't be back, sorry.

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